Welcome to Avon-Miami Lodge!


Avon-Miami No. 542 was formed when two prominent Masonic Lodges in the Cincinnati area merged. Miami No. 46 received its charter from the Grand Lodge of Ohio on January 7, 1818. Avon No. 542 received its charter from the Grand Lodge of Ohio on October 22, 1885. Both Lodges have enjoyed rich histories, complete with historically notable Brethren. Julius and Max Fleischmann were members of Avon No. 542. Julius was elected mayor of Cincinnati from 1900-1905. His brother Max was an industrialist who owned the famous Fleischmann Yeast & Gin Co. and sold the business in 1929 to the J.P. Morgan banking interests for … [ Read More ]

How do I join?

Don’t feel bad if you’ve never been asked to join a Masonic Lodge. After all, we don’t invite men to become members. Why? Because it’s essential that each man who is interested in petitioning a Masonic Lodge for membership does so of his own free will. If you wish to learn more about Freemasonry or request a petition for membership in the world’s greatest fraternal order, the first step is to ask a man who is already a member. Simple enough, right? It is entirely up to you to decide whether, or when, the time is right to join. If you have questions, please contact … [ Read More ]

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